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2020 AGM - 7th October 2020 Lions @ Springwood.

The Logan Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee of 2019 moves to appoint Jim Bill's (pictured) as an Honorary Life Member in accordance with its rules.

Life Members are appointed from those who have made an extensive and extraordinary contribution to the Chamber. To be considered, a member must have served on the committee for at least 5 years.

Joining the committee in 2013, Jim has served as both secretary and vice president. He is known fondly as the keeper of the records as he has worked painstakingly to reconcile membership lists, recognise long-standing members and welcome new members into the Chamber. He has supported numerous events with his AV and technical support and is known as the author of the plaques which now adorn many businesses throughout Logan recognising the support of our members.

Jim is retiring from the Chamber this year and we are going to miss him, though his contribution lives on, and we look forward to welcoming him, as a life member, at future events.

Congratulations and thanks Jim.